Paul George to OKC


Paul George has been traded and now is a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder (per Ramona Shelburne). The Pacers received Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo for Paul George. Simply said, the Pacers were robbed blind. On draft day the Boston Celtics offered Indiana the 2017 Brooklyn pick (No.3), another future first round pick (not Brooklyn), Jae Crowder, and two more starters. I would rather have that deal than Oladipo and Sabonis. I honestly do not know what the Pacers front office was thinking. They got literally 1/3 of what Paul George was worth through this horrible deal. Finally, though, Russell Westbrook has an All-Star to team up with since Kevin Durant left him last summer. I believe that George and Westbrook will be a better duo than Durant and Westbrook because Durant took touches away from Westbrook, whereas George’s game compliments Westbrook’s game perfectly.

The Thunder can be in the Western Conference Finals if all goes well this season. Westbrook needs scorers around the perimeter if the Thunder will succeed. Paul George can be a spot up shooter and be the star who can keep the team afloat when Westbrook is on the bench. Both George’s and Westbrook’s attitudes also fit each other as there will most likely be no problem when Westbrook will be the alpha dog on the court. When Kevin Durant was on the Thunder, both Westbrook and Durant wanted to be the number 1 option which caused Durant to leave. The Thunder also won this deal financially. Victor Oladipo was being paid $21M a year whereas Paul George is getting $19.5M a year. Now, if the Thunder can trade Steven Adam’s $22.5M deal for shooters, they will have the cap space to sign DeMarcus Cousins next offseason.

Blake Griffin has re-signed with the LA Clippers with a 5-year/$173M deal. I don’t think that this was a good option for Griffin or the Clippers as he will not win a championship as a Clipper anytime soon and LA needs to rebuild.

Stephen Curry has re-signed with the Warriors with a 5-year/$201M deal. Now one of the two Warriors superstar free agents will be suited up as a Golden State Warrior for next season. Curry also just received the largest paycheck in NBA history as of 7/1/17. In the past 4 seasons total, Curry received $44M. In each of the next 5 seasons, Curry will receive $40.2M

Jeff Teague has signed a 3-year/$57M deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves to fill a void at the point guard position. Teague will be teaming up with Jimmy Butler and Karl Anthony-Towns, making the Wolves a force in the west next season.

Jrue Holiday signed a 5-year/$126M deal. Going into the offseason, everyone in the NBA and around it knew the first thing that the Pelicans had to do was re-sign Holiday. They had to pay a hefty price for it though. Now that he has been paid like a superstar, his main job is to play like a superstar. The Pelicans frontcourt needs a nice point guard to share the ball between them and Jrue is that guard.

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