Danny Ainge is Not as Bad as You Think


All hope for the Boston Celtics were seemingly lost after Paul George was traded to the Thunder yesterday. People began saying that Danny Ainge was too indecisive of a GM to make any blockbuster trades. With seemingly the only stars on the trade block, Paul George and Jimmy Butler, being traded in the past week it will be hard for Boston to defeat Cleveland in the east.

Let me start by saying Danny Ainge is not dumb. If he doesn’t do something like trade for a certain star, it is for a good reason. I think that with a few moves, the Celtics will have a strong chance at beating Cleveland this season.

  1. Sign Gordon Hayward in free agency.
  2. Trade for an all-star caliber center Hassan Whiteside/DeAndre Jordan.
  3. Trade for a two-way shooting guard Ex: Iman Shumpert.

          If these moves are carried through, the Celtics can have a solid starting five of: Isaiah Thomas, Iman Shumpert, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and Hassan Whiteside. You may be thinking “Who will guard LeBron?” Well, the Celtics won’t have anyone to stop LeBron, but good team defense could be the game changer. If Whiteside locks down the paint, and Shumpert ‘limits’ LeBron from the perimeter, the game is simply over.

         At the end of the day though, Celtics fans should not worry. Danny Ainge will pull through with some amazing deal.

         PJ Tucker signed a 4-year/$32M deal with the Rockets. Rockets look ready for a two-way, star-studded lineup. The Rockets already have a two-way point guard and Chris Paul, an offensive beast in James Harden. a defensive game changing center in Clint Capela, and one of the best defensive small forwards in PJ Tucker. Now their next target should be a nice power forward such as Patrick Patterson.

         JJ Redick signed a 1-year/$23M deal with the 76ers. The 76ers front office made a smart decision by choosing to sign Redick to the contract they did. They paid him this much to see how he fits next to Markelle Fultz. They paid him an unrealistic amount because Redick is not in the long-term plans of the Sixers as they want a young shooting guard and not an established veteran. Don’t be surprised if the Sixers don’t re-sign him next offseason.

         Taj Gibson signed a 2-year/$28M deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now, the Timberwolves don’t have a hole in their frontcourt anymore at power forward. Taj Gibson finally gives the Wolves a defense oriented big-man. Last year in ESPN’s Defensive Rankings, out of 468 players, Andrew Wiggins ranked 440 and Karl Anthony-Towns ranked 390. With the additions of Gibson, Jeff Teague, and Jimmy Butler this offseason, the Wolves defense will be much improved this season.

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