An Early Look at the 2018 NBA Free Agency Class

If you think that the 2017 NBA offseason was crazy, well gear up for next year’s free agents. Here is a list of the top 10 free agents for next season.

  1. LeBron James: Player Option: Whatever LeBron James decides to do next

    offseason is vital to him as it may give him a legitimate chance to chase the ghost of Michael Jordan. I believe that next offseason LeBron will opt-out and most likely not re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his #1 choice will be the San Antonio Spurs. Potential Destinations: Spurs, Rockets, Cavs

  2. Kevin Durant: Player Option: Kevin Durant will probably re-sign with the Warriors next season. If the Oklahoma City Thunder lose Paul George in free agency, Durant may return to play in OKC. Potential Destinations: Warriors, Thunder
  3. Russell Westbrook: Player Option: Russell Westbrook, being an MVP, will be extremely sought after next offseason. He will not leave the Oklahoma City Thunder unless the Lakers give him a godfatherly offer because he is from the Los Angeles area. Potential Destinations: Thunder, Lakers
  4. DeMarcus Cousins: Unrestricted Free Agent: DeMarcus Cousins is, simply

    put, the best center in the league. He can score at great efficiency, has above average defense, and can stretch the floor by shooting three-pointers. Therefore, he can be a valuable asset for many teams. Potential Destinations: Pelicans, Wizards, Thunder, Lakers, Celtics

  5. Isaiah Thomas: Unrestricted Free Agent: Thomas can be an important piece to any team. In my mind though, there is no way that Thomas will leave the Celtics because Boston was the only team that gave him a chance after he was traded by Sacramento and Phoenix. Potential Destinations: Celtics
  6. Paul George: Player Option: George has made it obvious that he prefers to join the Lakers after next offseason. Even though he wants to be a Laker, George has stated that “I would be dumb to leave Oklahoma if we’re winning.” He said if the Thunder make the Western Conference Finals, he will probably not leave. Potential Destinations: Thunder, Lakers
  7. Chris Paul: Unrestricted Free Agent: If all goes well this season and the

    Rockets become legitimate threats to the Golden State Warriors, Chris Paul will re-sign with the Rockets next offseason. If not, it is not hard to see him joining the Spurs if LaMarcus Aldridge leaves. Potential Destinations: Rockets, Spurs

  8. DeAndre Jordan: Player Option: Unless the Clippers give DeAndre the max there is no way in this world that he will want to play with them in 2019. I say this because the Clippers will only be contending for a playoff spot and not for a championship. These next few seasons are DeAndre’s prime and he cannot waste them on a bad team. Potential Destinations: Celtics, Clippers, Lakers
  9. Andrew Wiggins: Restricted Free Agent: Wiggins has already said that he expects ‘nothing less’ than a max contract. There is a 110% chance that Minnesota re-signs him next offseason. Potential Destinations: Minnesota
  10. Joel Embiid: Restricted Free Agent: Embiid has proven to be a potential all-star next season and superstar after a few more seasons. There is no doubt

    that Embiid will receive a max contract offer from multiple teams. For Philadelphia, Embiid is too good of a player to let walk away in free agency, so they will match his offer. Potential Destinations: Philadelphia


         More Include: LaMarcus Aldridge, Nikola Jokic, Rodney Hood, Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin

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