The 5 Biggest Busts in NBA History

There have been many players in the NBA Draft who have lived up to their hype and turned out to be NBA stars. Sadly, among all these great players, there have been more than a couple of occasions when NBA team’s front office messes up horribly and chooses very, very bad players. Here are the 5 Biggest Busts in NBA History.

  1. Hasheem Thabeet; Memphis Grizzlies (No.2, 2009): Most players on this list were expected to be great by most NBA front offices. (Keyword: Most) 29 of the 30 NBA teams knew that Hasheem Thabeet would be a bust. The 1 team which believed that he was their next superstar was the Memphis Grizzlies. Yes, with the 2nd pick in 2009 NBA Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies who took Hasheem Thabeet over James Harden (Pick 3), Stephen Curry (Pick 7), and DeMar DeRozan (Pick 9).
  2. Marvin Williams; Atlanta Hawks (No.2, 2005): Going into the 2005 NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks needed a point guard desperately. So with future Hall of Famer Chris Paul waiting to be selected, the Hawks selected small forward Marvin Williams. At the time of this selection, everyone thought this selection was horrible, and…it was horrible. Keep in mind, Marvin Williams was so bad that he didn’t even start on his college team. Also, even if Atlanta didn’t want to select Chris Paul, they could have selected future All-Star Deron Williams.    
  3. Adam Morrison; Charlotte Bobcats (No.3, 2006): In 2006, Michael Jordan purchased the Charlotte Bobcats franchise. In his first draft as an owner,

    Jordan made one of his worst draft picks. He drafted Adam Morrison over Rudy Gay and future All-Star Brandon Roy in the 2006 draft. Morrison played a grand total of 2 seasons with the Charlotte Hornets in which he averaged just 8.1 points. The funniest thing about this draft pick is that before the draft, according to Adam Morrison was compared to LARRY BIRD.

  4. Kwame Brown; Washington Wizards (No.1, 2001): Another one of Michael Jordan’s few blunders. In 2001, Jordan was a player for the Washington Wizards. He was pretty much LeBron James on the Cavs today leadership-wise. He made all the front office decisions. The NBA was in existence for 55 years in 2001. Kwame Brown became the first player to be selected Number 1 overall coming out of high school in 2001. I think after seeing Kwame Brown’s career, we all know why the NBA didn’t have a high schooler picked #1 for 55 years. That’s how bad he was. To make matters worse, after Kwame Brown, talents such as Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, and Gilbert Arenas were selected.
  5. Darko Milicic; Detroit Pistons (No.2, 2003): Because the Pistons owned the Memphis Grizzlies pick in the 2003 draft, they ended up with the number 2 overall pick in what is one of the best draft classes of all-time. The year before the 2003 NBA Draft the Detroit Pistons were swept by the New Jersey Nets in the Eastern Conference Finals. They were seeking one more player to lead them over the top so they could win a championship. So of course with future Hall of Famers Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh ready to be selected they did the obvious choice and picked DARKO MILICIC?! We are talking about a man who averaged a whopping 1.6 points per game in his 3 years playing with the Detroit Pistons. If the Pistons had selected Carmelo, Wade, or Bosh they could have been a dynasty. Instead, they won one championship in 2004.

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