Why Trae Young Will Never Be As Good As Stephen Curry

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Since the beginning of the 2017-18 college season, Trae Young has been blowing up the internet and basketball fan’s minds. Ever since he dropped 48 points and 8 assists dropping 8 threes, or 44 points and 9 assists making 6 threes people have been saying that he is the next Stephen Curry. There is always the potential for college players to become stars. But for some reasons, I don’t believe that the chance at Trae Young will become like Curry is as high as people say. As well as that, he may not even succeed in the NBA.

Trae Young’s shooting is not as good as you think and he does not have good ball handling skills like Curry. Creating space against NBA level defenders who are superior athletes to college players, will be very difficult for Young. Curry uses his ball handling to execute a clean stepback or a slick behind-the-back dribble. Young will simply not be able to get his shot off.

In college, Young had great highlights of him dropping 40-foot bombs. The issue is that they were just highlights. Young is shooting just 36% from three this season and he is shooting 10.2 a game. His percentage is not anything special and his shot selection reminds me of Lamelo Ball. He continually shoots thirty footers trying to get on SC Top 10. At a 36% three-point shooting clip, being a volume shooter is very inefficient and will not help an NBA team. In comparison, Blake Griffin, known as a lackluster shooter is shooting at 34% from 3, only two percentage points behind Young.

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As well as not having an efficient three point shot, Young is not the most athletic or versatile finisher. Day in and day out, we see Stephen Curry making beautiful double-clutch reverse layups or throwing shots high off the backboard just to see them smoothly swish through the net. Young simply cannot do things as smooth as that. His finishing ability is not that great and he lacks a smooth, silky touch.  

My point is that Young cannot do much more than shoot and pass. And as I said before, his shot really isn’t as great as advertised. Overall, this was not to hate on Trae Young, but just to put some limelight on the parts of his game which aren’t that good as ESPN makes them out to be.  I hope that Young does succeed in the NBA, but I do see some serious issues with his game. My prediction is that Young will be a 1-3 time all-star but will never be in the MVP conversation and make the All-NBA Teams once or twice. I hope he proves me wrong but these are my thoughts on his game.

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