My 2018 NBA Playoff Predictions:

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The 2018 Playoffs. This is the most enjoyable time of the season for us NBA fans, and the most important time of the season for NBA players. Here are my playoff predictions for this season:


West 1st Round: 1 Houston vs 8 Minnesota– Same as everyone, I have Houston winning the series easily. The main question is if it’s in five games or four games. I chose it to be five games because of the fact that Houston relies so heavily on its shooting, they might go ice cold one game. I mainly have the Rockets winning this series because of the number of times that they flawlessly use the pick-and-roll and how it affects the big man on defense. To defend Houston’s pick and roll, the other team needs a fast big man who is also a very good rim protector. Because Karl Anthony Towns is neither of those and because Houston is such a phenomenal shooting team, I have the Rockets winning the series. My Prediction- Houston in 5

4 Oklahoma City vs 5 Utah – This series will also be very close, but after seeing Paul George drop 40 in the Thunder’s last game of the regular season, I am confident that the Thunder will win. Mitchell will keep scoring, but I don’t think the rest of the Jazz will be as effective. Also, Westbrook will be guarded by Ricky Rubio who is not such a great defender. When Westbrook gets in the lane, to prevent being blocked by Gobert, he can dump it off to Adams over and over again. My Prediction- Oklahoma City in 6

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2 Golden State vs 7 San Antonio – We all know that the Warriors will win this series, but entering the playoffs they have been stumbling as they have been missing their most valuable player, Stephen Curry. The only reason I am giving a game to San Antonio is that I think it may take Golden State a game or two to regain their footing. My Prediction- Golden State in 5

3 Portland vs 6 New Orleans – This series is a little tougher to predict. But because of the backcourt juggernaut of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, I have the Blazers winning the series. There is no doubt that Anthony Davis will win the Pelicans at least one game, but his already lackluster help will be shut down by Portland’s defense. My Prediction- Portland in 6

West 2nd Round: 1 Houston vs 4 Oklahoma City – My prediction is that because the Rockets will be easily able to control the pace and tempo, they will win the series. There is no doubt that Westbrook and Paul George will be able to pull off one or two upsets with Westbrook’s ridiculous athleticism and George’s speed and hopefully reliable jump shot. My Prediction- Rockets in 6

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2 Golden State vs 3 Portland – Dubs in 4. It’s simple. By the second round, I fully expect the Warriors to be in full health and full power and ready to beat anyone in their path. My Prediction- Warriors in 4

West 3rd Round:  1 Houston vs 2 Golden State – Even though the Rockets have been absolutely amazing, they will not be beating the greatest team ever in my opinion. The Rockets have been playing with one of the best offenses of all-time, but I just do not believe in them enough to beat this stacked Warriors team 4 times out of 7. My Prediction- Warriors in 6


East 1st Round:  1 Toronto vs 8 Washington – The Raptors have been known to choke in the playoffs, but this season, with their immense improvement, I do not think they will lose this series. With that being said, the Wizards do have John Wall and Bradley Beal which shows me that they will win at least one game, maybe two. My Prediction- Toronto in 6

4 Cleveland vs 5 Indiana –  Sorry Indiana. LeBron is a top 2 player of all time and Bojan Bogdanovic isn’t going to stop him. My Prediction- Cleveland in 4

2 Boston vs 7 Milwaukee – Boston’s season was thought to be over 5 minutes into the season when their second best player, Gordon Hayward, cracked his tibia into two pieces. Then, the Cs went on a 16 game win streak, clinched the number 2 seed and lost their best player in Kyrie Irving for the rest of the season. This tells me that the Celtics have an unmatched amount of willingness to do the dirty work and grittiness. Even though Giannis will be amazing, the Celtics will prove to be too much. Also, Brad Stevens will simply out-coach Joe Prunty. My Prediction- Boston in 6

3 Philadelphia vs 6 Miami – Philadelphia does lack experience, but their team chemistry, three-point shooting, and ball movement will overwhelm the Heat. Experience is in favor of Miami, but that’s basically it. My Prediction- Philadelphia in 5


East 2nd Round: 1 Toronto vs 4 Cleveland – LeBron is always the kryptonite to the Toronto Raptors. Will it be the same this year though? In my opinion, yes. LeBron is an unstoppable machine who always easily dismantles Toronto. Toronto will put up a fight, but at the end, LeBron will be too much for the Raptors’ defense. My Prediction- Cleveland in 6

2 Boston vs 3 Philadelphia – With no one there to stop Embiid, I do not think that the hampered Celtics will be able to defeat Philadelphia. Also, the three-point shooting of Philadelphia will force them to cover the outside, which makes life for Embiid easier. My Prediction – Philadelphia in 5

East 3rd Round: 4 Cleveland vs 3 Philadelphia – LeBron will have some struggles, but I think Kevin Love spreading the Sixers defense will really help James. I think that Jordan Clarkson will have an amazing series because of the Sixers’ lack of wing defense. My Prediction – Cleveland in 6


2(W) Golden State vs 4(E) Cleveland – The Warriors have too many stars for the Cavs to handle. LeBron can handle Durant and vice versa. Same with Draymond and Kevin Love. But who will Curry face off against? George Hill? My Prediction- Golden State in 5

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The team that I predict will win the 2018 NBA Championship is the Golden State Warriors.

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