My 2018 NBA Mock Draft (Top 8)


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1 Phoenix Suns: Deandre Ayton – The Suns have made it all but obvious that they will pick the big man out of Arizona. Ayton was so confident that he cancelled all his other workouts after working out with Phoenix. He also stated that he thinks that he and Devin Booker can be ‘Shaq and Kobe 2.0’ Ayton has the ability to do everything on the court at a high level except rim protection. Ayton has further locked in his number 1 selection by signing a Phoenix Suns jersey.

2 Sacramento Kings: Marvin Bagley III – Sacramento is reportedly not too high on Luka Doncic and Marvin Bagley is a ‘near lock’ to go second. Bagley is an above average shooter, unlike any of the Kings’ big man, so he can help space the floor. He can finish at the rim with high effectiveness, can rebound well and is an ok defender.

3 Atlanta Hawks: Mohamed Bamba – The Hawks need a big man to pair with John Collins and Bamba is the perfect fit. Bamba can shoot the three ball, handle the ball, and is an extremely good defender. He averaged 3.7 blocks per game in his  sole year at Texas. Bamba can do everything that Collins can’t do and vice versa.

4 Memphis Grizzlies: Luka Doncic – The Grizzlies are not doing too well persuading players to play for them. Both Jaren Jackson Jr and Mohamed Bamba have told Memphis that they prefer to not be picked by them. For me, the perfect pick is still available for the Grizzlies. Luka Doncic, the point forward from Europe. This pick will make Mike Conley available for trade, freeing up a ton of cap space for Memphis. Doncic is a no-risk reward as he has been playing in the second best league in in the world, the EuroLeague since he was 16.

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5 Dallas Mavericks: Michael Porter Jr – Porter fits Dallas perfectly. Carlisle is known for taking big men who can shoot far as he did with Dirk Nowitzki. Dallas needs anything at this point. They do not have any forceful defensive or offensive players currently, so anything would help. Porter and Dallas’s other young player, Dennis Smith Jr would complement each other nicely as Porter can shoot and has defensive potential unlike Dennis Smith.

6 Orlando Magic: Trae Young –  The Magic have needed a point guard for a long time now. For some reason, last year, they decided to pick a player who their star players occupy. The Magic need both offense and playmaking, both of which Trae Young can do. Last year, he led the nation in points and assists with 27 points and 9 assists per game.

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7 Chicago Bulls: Jaren Jackson Jr. – The Bulls can use a center as that is on of the two positions that they need filled, the other one being small forward. Lauri Markkanen is also a stretch big, but the issue is that he only plays offense and is a defensive liability at 7 feet tall. Jaren Jackson can fix this issue as he averaged 3 blocks per game in college.

8 Cleveland Cavaliers: Collin Sexton – Many reports have come out over the past week which say that Cleveland is really interested in selecting Sexton. As well as that, some reports say that LeBron is pushing Cleveland to select Sexton. This would fill in the gaping hole at point guard for Cleveland as well, giving them a nice young piece to build around if LeBron leaves.


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