The CURSED Draft Pick! – #2 Overall Pick


NBA Franchises rely on the draft every year to give their teams a chance to draft, hopefully, a franchise player. When teams don’t luck into the first pick and they have to settle for the second pick, it doesn’t seem like such a bad consolation prize. But it is.

It is generally thought to be an above-average pick if it is in the lottery, a good pick if it is top 10, a great pick if it’s top 5, and an amazing pick if it’s top 3. In fact, top 3 picks are usually thought to be potential stars. The issue is that the second pick is rarely an amazing talent. Since 1984, only 11 of the 29 second picks (Yes, 29, because in this article we will only be going through to the 2012 draft because players from 2013 onwards have not had enough time to prove themselves yet. And even with that in mind, Jabari Parker has torn his ACL twice, D’Angelo Russell has been part of a salary dump trade before his third season, Brandon Ingram has had a very underwhelming first two seasons, and only Lonzo Ball and Victor Oladipo seem to be future stars.) Anyway, since 1984, only 11 of the 29 second picks have been all-stars, and 5 of those players have only made the All-Star team once. This means that 23 of the last 29 players thought to be future superstars did not live up to the hype. As well as that, I’d like to point out that a grand total of 0 of these 29 picks have led the team that drafted them to a championship yet. Also, only ONE second overall pick in the timeframe has won an MVP. Only one! I mean these players were sought after since they were like a freshman in high school. And they don’t even do half of what is expected. And it’s not it like it happened once or twice, this is a recurring theme.


We can separate the last 29 second overall picks into many categories.

The first category is complete draft busts. These players did not live up to their expectations whatsoever. They are Sam Bowie, Hasheem Thabeet, Danny Ferry, Shawn Bradley, Darko Milicic, Stromile Swift, and Derrick Williams.

The next category is players that were average but definitely did not deserve to be drafted second. These are: Wayman Tisdale, Armen Gilliam, Keith Van Horn, Mike Bibby, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Evan Turner, and Emeka Okafor.

Third, we have the players whose best individual accomplishment in their career was being an All-Star. These guys include: Rik Smits, Kenny Anderson, Antonio McDyess, Marcus Camby, Tyson Chandler, and Steve Francis.

Now, we have the fourth category in which there are players who are perennial all-stars and superstars. This includes guys such as Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Jason Kidd, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kevin Durant.

And finally, we have the guys who could not prove themselves due to unfortunate situations. In Jay William’s case, he hurt his leg in a terrible motorcycle accident, and in Len Bias’s case, in which he had a fatal cocaine overdose.

So, in conclusion just remember, in future drafts, if your team gets the second pick, you may want to have second thoughts before rejoicing over a player who will most likely not perform to his expectations.

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