My Late 2022 NBA Finals Prediction


This season has brought us some of the most exciting and competitive playoffs in a long time. We’ve been blessed with well-matched teams slugging it out in high-intensity matchups with only one sweep in fifteen total series.

The Finals, thankfully, have been much of the same. Both the Celtics and Warriors have had a fair share of their ups and downs through this season, but their perseverance and grit have led both teams to the Finals. After two games, we’ve seen the best of both teams, including their star players and X factors (looking at you, Al Horford). Now, at a gridlocked 1–1 series score, I’ve made my prediction for these Finals.

Simply due to an advantage in pure talent and an overwhelming edge in experience,

I have the Warriors winning this series in 6 games.

From top to bottom, the Warriors have a much more experienced squad with five players part of the late 2010s dynasty, including Steve Kerr and some of the coaching staff. The Celtics, on the other hand, have a rookie head coach and a roster with an average age below 26 years old. And though this team has been to the Eastern Conference Finals in 4 of the last six years, the Finals are an entirely different ballpark.

Moreover, the Warriors are simply the more talented team. With four players that can erupt for 30+ on any given night alongside Draymond Green and Kevon Looney, every lineup Golden State can put on the floor has the potential to explode on a huge run. And though the Celtics can match this for two or three games, I think the Warriors have the firepower and experience to win their 7th ring.

What to Pay Attention To:

Horford vs. Looney:


Both Horford and Looney have had tremendous performances in these playoffs. Horford specifically has managed to turn back the clock to have all-star moments as he did in the conference finals and Game 1 of this series. Looney’s responsibility will primarily be to eliminate Horford from the game by keeping him off the glass and contesting his deadly three-point jumper.

Klay’s Efficiency:

Before his injury, Klay Thompson’s efficiency was never in question. He had established himself as the second-best shooter in the league by knocking down shots with staggering consistency.

However, this season, Klay’s efficiency has been a serious concern for the Warriors. Both his three-point and field goal percentage in the regular season and playoffs have been some of the worst he has ever shot, behind only some of his earliest seasons. For the Warriors to win, Klay needs to improve his efficiency or find different ways to impact the game on either side of the ball.

Marcus Smart:


Boston’s defense starts and ends with Marcus Smart. And, being by far the best defense during the playoffs Smart has to step up to the task and play the best defense of his career. Smart’s assignment on defense will be to shadow Curry while provoking and needling him, similar to what Matthew Dellavadova did in 2015.

If Marcus Smart is able to slow down Curry significantly and force the ball out of his hands, there is a strong likelihood that the Celtics win their record-breaking 18th championship, but slowing down Curry is much easier said than done.

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